Shakespeare Bargain Bundle: Macbeth Classroom Display

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Studying Macbeth and need a classroom display to inspire your students? Our Macbeth classroom display will fit the bill.

For only £25.99 you'll receive two A1 posters, an A2 poster and a title strip. So simple; just unroll and stick up to transform your classroom or corridor wall.

The A1-sized 'Macbeth' poster is a summary of the play's themes, characters and plot. The second A1 poster is a fun reimagining of London Underground's famous tube map with names of Shakespeare plays in place of stations. The A2-sized 'William Shakespeare Says' poster gives the Bard's take on everything from love and trust to bravery and fate.

To fit boards with a minimum depth of 1000mm and a minimum length of 2150mm.

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